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  Exhibits Transport

ADP EXPO possesses a professional team that is reliable and specialized in exhibits transport.

It keeps a good relationship with Customs, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and exhibition centers.

It fully comprehends the requirements of the host and exhibiters, takes care of documentation, and provides onsite services and consultation.

The background of ADP as a comprehensive and professional transport company fully supports ADP EXPO in every necessary way it could.



As an appointed agent, ADP EXPO has been providing high quality transport services for exhibitions in recent years:

2005 Renault Tour

Based upon the understanding of the F1 cars, and that this exhibition was located in downtown area where it was narrow and crowded, we obtained the cooperation from Traffic Control Dept., made use of peripheral roads and high tonnage crane, and successfully placed the cars that are worthy of 3 million on the third floor area.

2005 Air Logistics


Coordinated with Customs, the Cargo Inspection Bureau, the National Frontier Defense and the airport, we successfully completed the procedures of temporary import and export for eight commercial aircrafts and their supplies. We also undertook the placement and surveillance of those aircrafts in the exhibition area on the parking apron.

2005 Semiconductor Show


As the instruments are precisely made, moisture and shock sensitive, we used vehicles with air cushions and vacuumed equipment to transport, move, place and package the equipment. We rendered the services for the same exhibition in the past three years.

2005 Ming and Qing Dynasty Porcelains Show, Shanghai Museum


We keep a good cooperative relationship with Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Art Museum. Considering the high value and rigorous preservation condition of relics and artworks, we coordinated an urgent clearance with Customs and Cargo Inspection Bureau in order to avoid exhibits' detention in public, and arranged police escort for a safe and fast exhibiting passage.

2006 Sino-Japanese Calligraphy Masterpiece Show,Shanghai Museum

2005 Egyptian Civilization Show,Shanghai International Arts Center

2005 Diamond Glory,Shanghai Museum

2005 Arts of Light and Shadows,Dongdaming Warehouse


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