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The Vast Economic Inland of the Port


Tianjin Port plays an important role both in the nation’s comprehensive communication system and the modern logistics net work.. For the incent years,under the leader-ship of the Tianjin Committee of the aParty and the Municipal Government, the development in the Port of Tianjin has been accelerated and the port functions have been perfected continuously. Up to now the Port South Area has been develped into a special logistics centre for bulk cargo and in the North Area a logistics centre for containers and kinds of distribution stations have been built.The newly constructed Tianjin International Trading and Shipping Service Centre could provide custmers with one-station services. As a result the Port outwards influences and radiations have been greatly enhanced.

Nowadays the services of the Tianjin Port could extend and radiate to 14 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions from the Nations Mid-and-West Part and the Jin-Jing-Ji region with a total inland of 5 million square. Kilometres which is 52% of the whole Nations land area. At the Port of Tianjin,70% of the cargo’s out-put and 50% of the cargo’s value are from provinces and regions outside of Tianjin, which just show the great influences and radiations to the port inland area. Alongwith the vitalization of Economies around the Rim of Bohai Sea and economic rising in the Nation’s Middel Area as well as the great development in Nation’s West Part, the tremendous potentials of the Port Inland will create better conditions for developments in the Port of Tianjin.





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