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The Convenient and Easy Communication Net-work


The Port of Tianjin is located at the junction point of the municipalities’region of Jing-jin (Beijing-Tianjin) and the economic circle of Bohai Sea Rim. The distance to Beijing is 160 kilomitres and to the downtown ot Tianjin is 56 kilometres. The Hai-bin Grand Road, Jing-jin-tang Express Way, Jing-jin-tang Express Way No.2,Jin-bin Express Way,Jin-tang High Way, Jin-jin Express Way, Tang-jin Express Way and its subsidiary roads all make a convennient and easy land communication net work and provide the Port with good conditions for both cargo and passenger transportations. The Jin-bin Light Rails will connect the special passenger rail-way lines between Tianjin and Beijing and the city of Qinhuangdao as well and make the traffics more convennient and fast.

The Sketch Map on the Highways Net Work Around the Port of Tianjin


The Sketch Map on the Rail-ways Net Work in the lnland of the Port Tianjin







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