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Bonded Logistics Park

Our company professionally provides customers with “one-day-trip” service covering business of duty-returns on exports, entrepot trade,inbound and outbound for the bonded shipments, International purchase and distribution. Our VMI management will serve your inter- net inquiry any time.

We have a quality bonded ware-house of 6000 square metres in Tianbao Bonded Logistics Park specialised in handling of all konds of shipments in ang out of the park.By taking advantage of the nation’s preferential policies, a service at reasonable cost could be extended to customers both at home anf abroad.

Our Advantages:

1,Operating professionally. The whole operating team and sales members are working with the

Bongded logostics park since the very beginning when the park opened.
2,? Strong at business control. The whole procedure of operation being handled by our own
work team members such as customs and quarantine declarations.
3,Smart at working. In case of any emergency or problem in the operation , a practical measure
Could be taken at the first time .

4,Prompt an nimble at declaration and meet the special requirements from customers any time.
Customers’ satisfacory is the only beginning of our job and sincerely expecting the cooperation? with you always. Our selling principles are professionality,honesty, efficiency and nimbleness
which make you satisfied with our service.





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