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Project Cargo



Project cargo logistics refers to the services provided by 3PL or 4PL suppliers, including transport, storage and assembling of the project equipment, facilities, materials and other articles.

工程项目 The relocation of plants internationally
工程项目 The importation of big assembly lines
工程项目 The equipment for the projects contracted abroad
工程项目 The import and export of full-set equipment

The import and export of full-set equipment

The organization, transportation and installation of global purchasing equipment of multinational companies


It requires a high level of the expertise and strong capability of integrating resources as the operations are often complex, normally taking a long period of time and often dealing with heavy lifts internationally, cross-regionally and cross-industrially.

ADP Project Department has been involved in project cargo for years and has accumulated abundant experiences in the areas of analysis of customers' requests, the transport solution, emergency planning, collaborating, field investigation and implementation. It is guaranteed that the important project equipment is delivered to the destination safely and cost effectively. The customers are always the beneficiaries from our exceptional services.




  Advance inspection on port loading capacity and technique;
  Routes investigation concerning the information and limitations of highways, waterways, railroads, tunnels, culverts, bridges and highway toll stations so as to optimize the routes;
  Evaluating, selecting and coordinating the vendors capable of the carriage of oversized and overweight pieces, and drawing out feasible and reasonable transport plan and emergency solutions;
  Handling vessel chartering, break bulk space booking and aircraft chartering;
  Participating in the designing of the special tools and giving instructions of port operations and road transportation;
  Correctly preparing all the documents needed for customs clearance, duty payment, transit customs, commodity inspection, tally and claim;
  Tracing cargo through GPS
  Undertaking the surveillance on site of the operation and providing technical and safety support


    我们的优势专业工程项目报关团队.工程物资出口品名繁杂、货物数量很多,我们拥有专门为工程项目物资提供服务的专业报关部门,可为客户提供从审核清 单、划分规类、缮制报关单据、口岸代做商检、报关跟踪等全方位关务服务。
    我们的优势 与船公司拥有良好的项目货物合作关系 .我们与Safmarine China、PIL China、Maersk、Delmas、Beluga Shipping等主流船务公司拥有良好的工程项目物资运输合作关系;可提供散杂货船舶、集装箱船舶、陆路运输组合项目工程运输方案;均可签订全国主要港口出运合约运价,提供竞争性的价格和舱位保障。
    我们的优势 提供专业的配箱/转船方案,节约运费成本 在集装箱运输方面,我们拥有十年以上装箱经验的专业人员负责配箱和装箱指导;在散杂货运输方面,我们可提供专门的转船船长代表货主与船方共同制定最佳转载方案。
    我们的优势 货物运输的全程跟踪针对工程项目实施的要求,对于货物到港时间要求相对精确、货量大等特殊性,我司设有专人跟踪货物全程运输动态,定期向客户反馈运输信息,以便客户及时调整相关施工进程,保证项目顺利实施。



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